Our Security

Ongoing security is on everyone's mind...

Until several years ago crimes reported by the media appeared to be south of Indian School Road. Then they moved north to Camelback Road, Bethany Home and now more and more into this area.

We are isolated from most of it by our walls and the single vehicle entrance. But, we must remain alert to our surroundings within the complex. Call Phoenix Police immediately when you see something suspicious!

Our job is to give the best and most complete description of the person or vehicle in a timely manner.

 Suspicious Person

Phoenix Police Crime Stop 602-262-6251


Approximately 9:15 P.M. on Monday evening a resident saw and followed a suspicious person at a safe distance.

This muscular male, about 5' 6" tall was walking fast as if he had somewhere to go. He was wearing a bandana on his head, carrying a large straw bag with handles and wearing a medium size backpack.

He circled a central complex, of units walking on the sidewalks and across parking areas, detoured off the sidewalk to look in a couple of windows in the units South of the clubhouse, turned a corner and disappearead.

The Phoenix Police Crime Stop number was called from a cell phone and a police officer arrived within 10 minutes. He walked the area with our resident while his pardner drove the area in another car using his spotlight.

This surspicious person was not found. Hopefully he left, but, he may have went over someone's patio wall.

One possible reason for his presence may have been that he was only looking for a "safe" place to spend the night, either behind some bushes or on someone's patio.

A Few Recent Events

Police reccently found a transient male with a knife in one of the clubhouse bathrooms.



Another stolen car was dumped in the complex. This makes at least three dumped here within the last six months.

A male on an old bicyle riding within the complex rode to the West end, weaved around and between some units via sidewalks and left via the entrance when he saw a resident watching him.

Two teenage boys, one on a bike and the other on a skatebord left the complex via the South wall near the West end of the complex. Of course they lifted the bike & skateboard over the wall.

This wasn't as bad as the attack several years ago when a man followed a resident into her house. She was returning from the store and entered her house with her arms full after being dropped off by a friend.

Police Presence

A number of residents have been reassured to see the police cars parked in front of the club house.

The officers inside are usually completing paperwork, or perhaps taking a lunch break.

Their radios are always on and their response time to a call in Orangeaire is only a minute or so.

We bet some people on Citrus Way don't enter the complex when they see the police presence. Perhaps they have a guilty conscience.

No More Police Presence


We have wondered why we no longer see any police cars outside the clubhouse.


The police say we have been removed from their list of authorized places where they can stop.

They will not be able to enter the clubhouse unless they are again authorized to do so by their department.

An officer responding to a late night call in the complex told me they miss being able to use our clubhouse as a base to take reports by phone, write reports, etc.

Any request for their return will have to come from a person authorized to do so by the OVTA.

The person to contact is Commander Kyler, Squaw Peak Pct., Phoenix PD at 602-495-5007.

Another incident

July 23rd, 4:45 AM

Three people were walking within the complex. When questioned, they said they were here to pick up someone for work at a telemarketer.

No car was observed.

About 15 minutes later they left, strolling across the street and were last seen walking North through the parking lot between the Tennis Courts and the Adult Center.

10-2002 another car was broken into.

A leaf blower was taken from an open garage two weeks ago.

Several days ago a step ladder was taken from a resident's garage, again on 22nd Dr.

We should all be aware of the importance of keeping garage doors closed.


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