Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Here is a place for posting concerns, kudos, etc.


Please tell us when there is a problem

We wondered why our lawn was not being watered during the last couple of weeks.

Now we know. There was a short somewhere in the sprinkler wiring.

But, this knowledge came too late to save a third of our lawn.

It would be nice if notice had been given at the start of the problem so we could begin watering our lawns.

I suppose it may be too late in the Summer to reseed? Is it?

Next time, can the board tell us at the start of the problem?

They may not know the duration before the problem is corrected, but, this notice would alert everyone to what was going on.

Gene Redman


Water in Streets

Am I the only one concerned about the excess water in the streets?? We are in a drought, the lawns do look good, and I feel there should be a happy medium on the timers length of time running.

I have reported the runoff on Marlette and especially on 22nd Drive.to no avail.....it's still bad.

--- Linda Griggs








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