SUV Adventure

Via Tierra off-road clinic.  

It looks a little different from the bottom.

Note the vehicles still on top.

More and more hills.

Todd is waiting for the others to arrive so he can guide them into position for the next excercise.


Follow the leader.

Knowing how to decend a hill is sometimes more important than knowing how to go up.

We slow for the others.  

Catch up.

Note how the rock in the roadway is changing color.

Todd shows us how it is done with his Range Rover.

A little more catch-up.

Note the body language???

She has conquered the course.

Too bad we didn't have time to return to base camp for her certificate.

It was "this high!"

She was a little tough on the sidewalls, but, we didn't have a flat.

Note! Not a single "desert stripe" either!

This time...

Good Job, Rebekah!

The good guys at Via Tierra mailed her the certificate.

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The end

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