Via Tierra off-road adventure


 SUV Off-road Clinic


Class Begins

Rebekah Converti - driver

Gene Redman - co-pilot...

Near Table Mesa Road - about 50 miles North of Phoenix.

Our group leader is Todd Bowman.

"First, learn to judge your tire placement. Drive over the rubber blocks with the driver's side tires.

With left foot on the brake, stop on top of each block, then ease down on the other side of the block.

Next, turn around and drive over the blocks again, placing your passenger side tire on the blocks."

Rebekah, with folded arms. Is she showing some negative body language here?

She did even better placing the passenger side tires on the blocks.


Learning to drive while depending on hand signals from a spotter.  

Notice the smile.

No folded arms while behind the wheel.

We drove down a steep hill in low, low gear; learning to use engine braking.


Now we have a nice flat river bottom...

With deep sand ahead.

What is he doing with the shovel?

Oh ye of little faith... We won't get stuck!

We hope...

Rebekah starting off...


Get lined up and straighten out the front wheels, if possible; before hitting the deep stuff.

Low or second gear, 4 wheel drive and a steady foot on the accelerator.

Piece of cake.

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