Cabin under the Mogollon Rim, September, 2001

  This is a typical September gathering of the Gene & Aldean Redman clan at the end of Summer.

September 2001

On the East Verde River,

Washington Park, Arizona

Steve's buddy, R.D. Kremanek is helping Sherry Redman hang party decorations.  

Wendy seems pleased with the outcome and her husband's efforts.

One of Wendy's twins, Sara. is not too sure just what is going on. She is staying close to mother.

Steve Redman (our 40th birthday boy) looks on from the background.

Kathleen Redman Converti's #?? (censored) birthday and Steve's 40th.

 Fun on a rock next to the cabin.

Our Grandaughter Michelle with Julie and Sara who belong to R.D. and Wendy.

Two pair of twins are with us this time.

Lonely Girl standing on a rock with water all around.

Granddaughter Rachel.

Am I sure?


Yep, it is Rachel...

Just friends!

Rachel and Justin, who also lives in Payson, on the rock.

Julianna Converti, our youngest granddaugter.

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