Gene & Aldean Redman


Phoenix is about a 7 hour drive East of San Diego. Now you know where we live.

But, we don't always stay in Phoenix...

Aldean and I were married in Yukon, Oklahoma in 1956. The years have passed too quickly.

We both love the outdoors, so Arizona was a great place to live and raise our three kids when we moved here over 30 years ago.

A hobby was researching and exploring old ghost towns with our "old" wide track Jeep Cherokee and making a lot of runs with some of the many 4-wheel drive clubs here. Now I have a Durango which you can see with a double-click. (It is at the top of the page.) Here are a few more pictures from offroad Arizona.

Yes, I am still a volunteer with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. And No, after twenty years, I am no longer a member, and certifed rescue climber, of the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association. But it was fun while it lasted. I am still a member of, and Webmaster for, the Sheriff's Office Jeep Posse and an Active Retired Reserve Deputy Sheriff. (Reserve Deputy means I don't get paid, but, go through the same training to maintain my certification and status as a Peace Officer as does the compensated Deputy Sheriff.) I spent 16 years working in Lake Patrol on our Lakes and Rivers.

Kathleen, our oldest daughter has given us 5 granddaughers. Here is picture of them taken in an old time setting in the mid 1990s. Sitting are Michelle, Rachael and Rebekah. Standing are Caroline and the youngest, Julianna. Michell and Rachel are the twins.

I have a recent picture taken with my granddaughters this Spring. I may add it when I have the time.

Sherry, our #2 daughter is still single and lives in Flagstaff, a nice place to visit in the Summer. Sometimes we will go to the lodge at the Grand Canyon, just for breakfast. There is a very nice view of the Canyon through the dining room windows. It is very beautiful in the Winter with a lot of snow on the ground and when dark clouds are rolling across the sky.

On the left is a small picture taken in 1996 at Chrysler's Arizona Proving Grounds. Steve, our son, has been with Chrysler since the early 1980s.

I can tell you this was a hand-made Prowler prototype they were testing in May of 1996.

Rebekah is standing next to the Prowler. This was on "take your son/daughter to work day." She had a chance to tour the facility including a ride in a Viper on the high speed track.

Steve is a high-speed test driver and a Master ASE Certified Technician. His specialty is the computers that monitor and control so many functions in today's cars. So he is on the cutting edge of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Mercedes products.

In 1990 Aldean started a mail-order company, Independent Living Products, now "Active Forever". Three years later I put it onto the Internet just as the Internet was beginning. We sold to customers all over the world including China, Korea, Turkey, Europe, Austrailia, Canada and throughout the United States. We sold the company in 2002 and are happy with the way the new owners are mantaining the company.

Other companies came to me to create Websites for them and this developed into another business.

It is nice to commute from the bedroom to the den, turn on the computers, then back to the kitchen for coffee and to read the morning paper. Now I can create and maintain Websites while on the road in our motorhome.

More later...