Aldean Redman

The Final Day

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Aldean's vital signs have been changing all day, sometimes high and low at other times. Her temperature is under control and she is comfortable. The Tylenol has been doing a good job. Aldean has been sleeping much of the day.

There is no question that she does listen to and she does understand what is being said to her and said about her.

Last night Sherry and Steve each spent time alone with Aldean. They each talked to her in their own words:
      The message is for her not to hold back. It is time for her to let go, we are releasing her from trying to stay with us and prolong this life. She can leave with no regret and with our love.

       Early this morning while alone with Aldean, I talked to her for over an hour, telling her in my own way she can let herself go and leave with our love.
       Kathleen, in Payson, sent me an email last night. This morning I read it to Aldean several times. She indicated she understood.

Shortly after this she was given her Tylenol and a dose of liquid morphine.

Thoughout the day, with no further drugs, everyone commented on how relaxed and peaceful she is. These are the professionals who see this stage of life quite often.

Dr. W. of Hospice of the Valley came about 6:30 PM. After examining Aldean he spent over an hour with Sherry and I. He made the same comments we had heard all day, about how relaxed and peaceful she is. He told us he didn't expect Aldean will last more than 24 to 48 hours.

Many of you have been praying for Aldean. Now we ask you to change your prayer. Request her to stay calm, peaceful and with no pain as she passes on to her "Home."

9:50 PM: I have just finished writing the above and my phone is ringing. It is the night aide from Chris Ridge. She has spent much of the last hour with Aldean, holding her hand. She tells me, "Aldean has just passed on." I asked her to call the mortuary. I am leaving now to be there when they pick up her body. Steve and Sherry will meet me there.

12:30 AM: Home again. Goodbye sweet love...






During better days; Our campsite for the month we worked in
Cape Mears Lighthouse near Tillamook, OR

The ocean just behind the coach lulled us to sleep at night.