Date: Sat, 14 June 2008
To: Kathleen Converti

Subject: Your Father's Day Message

Dear Kathleen:

What can I say about your message? I am so blessed!

I am so blessed to have married your Mother, that she said yes to my proposal. I am so blessed that you and your siblings came to join us.

We are blessed that your mother taught all four of us so very much, which I can't even begin to describe.

We all love your daughters and their daughters, well maybe a combination of girls and boys (since we have no decision yet on Michells's offspring); but we know what I mean.

My children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will always be loved by our family. I know Aldean is aware of this as she looks down on us. We are and will always be a close knit clan.

I won't be with you much longer, but I know you, Sherry and Steve will always be here to support your daughters and each other.

I count on all three of you...

With much love,


cc: to Steve and Sherry...