A New Journey, Part II

A New Baby Arrives


January 5, 2009

This morning I watched an interview with Scott Hamilton. He said he witnessed Kristy Yamaguchi taking a very hard fall while attempting a triple Lutz. She got to her feet and continued her performance to a very successful climax. He said the same is true of all skaters. Falls are common. What counts is how we handle ourselves after that fall.

I relate this to life. We have falls, hardships and heartbreaking experiences. If we are to have a successful future, we must put this behind us, not forget it, but go on with what we can accomplish during our remaining life.

Now is the beginning of Part II. of my New Journey.

I intend to enjoy my life and try to be a joy to those around me. No matter the circumstances.

There are many little things in which we can take pleasure. A well-turned phase set to paper, some escapism through our time with friends, books and movies; or just wandering through a swap meet like I did yesterday afternoon

     Yes I bought a few things I didn't think I would need. There was a Chinese back scratchier for two-dollars, a "hunting excuse" cap to give to a friend who didn't get a deer or elk this season, then I bought a tiny pair of needle nose pliers for a kitchen drawer.

     On Sunday evening, when my plans suddenly changed, I went out for a light supper and returned home to watch a truly delightful movie on DVD.

     Later this week and next, I look forward to the theatre again; seeing either "Chicago" at the Orpheum, or "Hair" by the Arizona Theatre Company. Perhaps both if I find someone to share a pair of seats.

I think of my enjoyment over the last several months. Some of this was while alone, at home and in my motor home. Then there were the events with others.

The five days at Gold Canyon Golf & RV Resort near the Superstition Mountains was memorable. This was a state rally of the Holiday Rambler Owner's RV club. I met a number of new people. Found I can still move a little on the dance floor and bought a few things for the RV. I won a fifty-dollar prize at a seminar and spent six-hundred for a steering stabilizer, which does make a difference.

The next Rally at Verde Valley was interesting also. I spent an enjoyable time showing some newcomers around Jerome, the ghost town that wouldn't die. There was dinner at the nearby casino and some more exploring during the week.

Thanksgiving was hosted by Rachel & Michael Shine, my twin granddaughter and her husband, a beautiful pair of newlyweds. There is more about them on my website.

And Christmas morning was at Rebekah's new house where we had a wonderful breakfast, and good conversation while exchanging presents during the day.

We agreed this year to spend a minimum amount for presents, except for the little one. I hope this will continue for years to come. There appeared to be more thought and meaning in the presents we did give.

It was nice to see some of our Christmas decorations from years past being used again in her house. More pictures are on my website.
     I remember how we all got a chuckle from a montage I put together for our online 1993 Christmas Card.

I just returned from a New Year's FMCA Rally at Saddle Mountain RV Park at Tonopah, west of Phoenix. A park with an interesting history. The old portion was used as a "man-camp" (I have never heard this term before) during the building of the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. There are two story buildings with thick concrete walls and ceiling and eight by ten foot rooms for the workers. Some are being renovated. There is an older portion of the RV Park for long-term residents and a new portion we used.

We had sixty-eight motor homes at this Rally. The park catered most or our meals. Then there was Happy Hour each day. Gosh, I gained three pounds! I would have gained more, but I must have danced a dozen times at the New Year's Eve party. Glad I had a pair of boots with leather soles on this trip.

Since the next Rally with the Holiday Rambler club later this month will be at Quartzite, about fifty miles further west, I left the coach in storage at Tonopah. I hope to enjoy some of my time here at home, and then perhaps do a little "dry camping" in the desert around the Quartzite area before or after the Rally.

While in Phoenix this time I hope to get a lot of paperwork out of the way, see some doctors as needed and look forward to this new year and the next step of my journey.

We are awaiting the birth of my second great-granddaughter any day in Colorado Springs. Michelle and Colin Corey recently returned from a three-year tour, mostly in England. Colin quickly found a good job with a defense contractor and is going for advanced drgrees in Computer Science.

     Kathleen just returned from there, disappointed that Michelle didn't have the baby while she was there. Steve drove from Kingman to Colorado Springs on Christmas Eve and returned several days later. Thay all enjoyed Christmas together.

     Steve and Kathleen visited Michelle and Colin in England, during this last year. They even traveled to see a little of Ireland.

Rachel, who is Michelle's twin, and her Aunt Sherry are leaving January 12th for Colorado. They hope the new baby will arrive before then. Good Luck to all!

Sherry will stay as long as possible. She hopes to be of more assistance during the weeks after the birth. Michelle may be past the excitement stage and will be left with the new baby, as well as the day-to-day chores of managing a husband and a household (in that order).

Gene doesn't like the cold weather: As planned all along, he will wait until warmer weather comes to Colorado Springs. Then travel via motor home to spend a few weeks in the general area.

Thursday, January 8th

The days seem to be flying by.
Talked to Sherry this morning, she is going to the church this afternoon to retype the minutes she took at a meeting the other night. She is still using her "old OLD" computer. The problem is it uses floppy disks, won't give her email or Internet access and won't even accept a USB memory stick. She needs a new PC desktop. She is looking forward to being able to perform computer art when she gets a newer computer.

Received a package from Colin this week. It is a cap. I wrote to Michelle: "Please tell Colin I received the cap. Thanks! I think??? He knows I have a cap collection and this one will join it. Not sure but I have been told I look like I am over 55 without the cap :)"

I have been saving something for Colin. Sherry will take it when she visits next week. I don't want to give away the surprise, but I will show a picture here after Sherry and Rachel arive in Colorado Springs.

Sherry is in Colorado Springs and has probably delivered the present. Here is the picture of Colin's new cap and matching t-shirt. "Rookie Dad" Michelle once told me Colin often wears a t-shirt. When I sent them a video showing how to fold a t-shirt in just a few seconds, Michelle said he watched it time and time again until he mastered the quick-fold :) I still have the video if anyone would like a copy.


I learned the new baby girl, my second great-granddaughter, arrived in Colorado Springs at 4:15 AM this morning, Sunday January 11th. I don't have any details except she is about 21" long and about 7 lbs. Welcome, Rosadella Corey! You have made Colin and Michelle so happy...

I guess it is safe to add the above picture and paragraph about Colin's "Rookie Dad" present early. Colin will be too busy to go online. I will be putting Sherry and Michelle's twin Rachel on a flight to Colorado tomorrow morning. Good timing!

On Christmas day, we each selected a date for this arrival. Sherry came in second with a date of January4th. Old Grampa, me, was the winner with an estimate of January 13th. Hey, I was only two days off.

The timing was right on for Sherry and Rachel to arrive on Monday, the day following the birth. Michelle was still in the hospital, was to remain for a couple of days. Her Aunt Cathy was there to help with the birth. She came back on Thursday. Sherry stayed with Michelle all of Monday night at the hospital. I am told Colin was pretty worn out by the time the girls arrived. Everyone was a big help to Michelle this first week. All is well that ends well.

This picture of Rosadella Corey shows her about a week old. A beautiful baby, perfect in every way. Michelle phoned me about 11:00 PM last night, Friday January 23rd to make sure I had received the picture.

      I asked Michelle what she was doing, up so late? I should have guessed. She was up nursing her baby!